19 of the Best Online Web Design Courses [2023]

In the article "The Best Online Web Design Courses", you will find the best virtual courses, highly valued by thousands of students.
Best Online Courses in Web Design


Here you will find a list of the best virtual courses focused on web design from prestigious e-learning platforms, such as Coursera, Future Learn, edX, LinkedinLearning and Udemy, among others that have been highly valued by hundreds of students.

Find in this article, information on Web Design, Web Development, Web Development certifications, Courses on HTML, CSS3, Java JavaScript, PHP and other related studies.
Virtual courses, MOOCs, and other types of advanced virtual studies such as Professional Certificates, Specialized Programs, Expertrack, Microcredentials, among other study formats developed by the main e-Learning platforms in the world.

From world-renowned platforms such as Coursera, edX, Future Learn, Udemy, Linkedin Learning, CFI, among others, find in this post, courses highly valued by thousands of previous students, which will help you make better decisions about which is the most suitable courses for your objectives.

Search the list for the course of your interest, compare it with the others and explore the information on its characteristics. Finally click on the title or name of the course to delve deeper into the details of the course.

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What is web design

According to Wikipedia, Web design is an activity that consists of the planning, design, implementation and maintenance of websites. It is not simply the implementation of conventional design since different aspects are covered, such as web graphic design, interface design and user experience, such as navigability, interactivity, usability, information architecture; media interaction, among which we can mention audio, text, image, links, video and search engine optimization. Many people often work in teams covering different aspects of the design process, although there are some freelance designers who work alone.

What type of Web Design courses to study?

Web Design courses offer design professionals different facets that involve the process of creating web applications. 

Microsoft Azure Certification Training

The student must decide on what type of facet they want to focus on, and in the end, perhaps the best thing will be to focus on all of them, only with a methodical process that allows them to escalate in difficulty. 

In addition to a start in design theory, the technical topics that can be covered initially are the popular HTML and CSS, which will introduce you little by little and familiarize you with what it will take later to become a web designer or “FullStack” web developer. ” with practical training in the various programming languages ​​that can make up a web development.

Java, JavaScript, REACT, Angular, TailWind, SQL, Docker GitHub, etc. When you have the technical background, it will be very useful to develop the concepts and knowledge that allow you to design with the end user in mind, and not your preconceived ideas of what is right. This is where the UX and UI Design studies will give you a complete package to be a comprehensive Web Design professional.


Where to study an online Web Design course?

Online Web Design courses can now be taken in many places. Perhaps some of the platforms available on the web offer quality studies. However, at AulaPro we explore the platforms that we consider to be the most relevant worldwide, in online studies.

In this sense, the studies in this list are developed by prestigious universities, which occupy the first places in the international rankings, by technological companies of recognized world impact, by international experts of proven effectiveness as instructors, offered to the public through platforms with the most advanced technological developments, in terms of learning experience, or specialized platforms in the specific subject.

These online Web Design courses will involve different dedication times. You can find here short courses that address a specific topic with a dedication time, which will not exceed 6 weeks, to robust study programs that a period of 6 to 10 months, can leave the student with a deep knowledge and with even the ability to turn his professional career around.

In this article you will find studies of UX Design or UI Design of:

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  • Coursera
  • LinkedIn Learning
  • Future learn
  • Udemy
  • edureka



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Category: Computer Science -- Developed by: Google

Prepare for a career in the high-growth field of UX design, no experience or degree required. With career training designed by Google, quickly get into a competitive paying job. There are currently 113 job openings in the US in UX design with an average starting salary of $700, and an average of $58 for more experienced professionals, according to GlassDoor

User experience (UX) designers focus on the interaction that users have with products, such as websites, applications, and physical objects. They make those everyday interactions useful, enjoyable, and accessible.

Across 7+ courses, gain in-demand skills that will prepare you for an entry-level job. With less than 10 hours per week, you can complete the certificate in less than 6 months.

You will create designs on paper and in digital design tools such as Figma and Adobe XD. By the end of the certification program, you'll have a professional UX portfolio that includes three end-to-end projects, so you'll be ready to apply for jobs. Upon completion, you can apply directly for jobs with Google and more than 130 US employers, including Walmart, Best Buy, and Astreya.

75% of Google Career Certificate graduates in the United States report an improvement in their career path (eg, new job or career, promotion, or raise) within 6 months of completing the certificate.

Category: Web and Mobile Development -- Developed by: Udemy

In this web design course, you will learn step by step and from the most fundamental aspects to acquiring the ability to design any type of web page in a practical, fast and professional way.

You do not require prior knowledge of programming languages or in the development of web pages. The course "Professional Web Design The Complete, Practical Course and from 0" has been structured to go from apprentice to expert level through more than 40 hours of explanatory video content, making this course one of the most extensive in Spanish language on the Udemy platform.


Category: Arts and Humanities -- Developed by: California Institute of the Arts

La UI/UX Design Specialization offers a focused approach to user interface design and user experience design, and offers hands-on, skills-based instruction focused on a visual communication perspective, rather than focusing solely on marketing or programming.

In this sequence of four courses, you will summarize and demonstrate all stages of the UI/UX development process., from user research to defining a project's strategy, scope and information architecture, to developing sitemaps and wireframes.

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Category: Web and Mobile Development -- Developed by: Udemy

COMPLETELY REMADE ON OCTOBER 12, 2020, WITH OVER 500 NEW VIDEOS! Hello! Welcome to the new version of The Web Developer Bootcamp, the most popular web development course on Udemy.

This course has been completely revised to prepare students for the 2021 job market, with over 60 hours of brand new content.

To date, nearly 800.000 students have registered on the Udemy platform to take this course, which achieved one of the highest scores, with an impressive 4.7, an average rating given by nearly 300.000 opinions from its previous students.

This web design online course ranked number 4 in our special The Best Courses of All Time on Udemy.

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Category: Web and Mobile Development -- Developed by: University of California, Davis

El Course "Introduction to Web Development" is designed to give its students a solid first step on the path to further study in deeper web design and development. It doesn't matter how much experience or technical knowledge you have on the subject at the moment. The web is a huge place, and if you're a regular Internet user, you probably visit multiple websites on a daily basis, whether it's for business, entertainment, or education.

But have you ever wondered how those websites actually work? How are they created? How do browsers, computers, and mobile devices interact on the internet? What skills are required to develop websites?


Category: Web and Mobile Development -- Developed by: Edureka

Learn how to create awesome websites using HTML5, CSS3, Twitter Bootstrap 3, jQuery, and the Google APIs. Finally, deploy and publish them to Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3). Earn your web developer certificate when you successfully complete our course.

Included in this web development certification course are pre-recorded supplemental JavaScript Essentials modules.

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Category: Fine Art -- Developed By: Future Learn - Canva - Coventry University

More and more organizations are taking a “digital first” approach to business and are looking for people who understand the user journey to create a frictionless experience for their customers.

The global demand for UX professionals has never been higher. So how can you launch your career in the ever-growing world of user experience (UX) design? This ExpertTrack will explore the full end-to-end experience a user has when interacting with a website, app, or digital product. You will learn to consider the aesthetics, usability, and accessibility of digital assets.

You will discover how as a UX designer you can add value to a business at all levels and play a critical role in driving customer engagement through user research, persona building, business model development, wireframing and the construction of prototypes. And you'll learn to put yourself at the center of both designing new products from first principles and continuously improving existing offerings. UX vs UI: understanding of the user interface vs user experience.

More UX designers are required to show UI (user interface) skills. So how does UI design relate to the broader field of UX? You will discover how to incorporate visual design with interaction design, and how these 'micro' elements exist within the big 'macro' world of UX.

Know the 5 stages of the process of design thinking. You will examine the five-stage design thinking model proposed by the Hasso-Plattner Design Institute at Stanford University: Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, and Test. You will explore the non-linear nature of this methodology that will allow you to overcome obstacles and bring ideas to life.


Category: Web and Mobile Development -- Developed by: Udemy

The #1 HTML5 & CSS3 Course in Official Udemy Rankings! “After having taken other related courses on other platforms, I can say that this course is the most practical and easy to apply course on web design and development that I have taken”.

Step by step, you will learn more and more HTML5 and CSS3 features, from beginner to advanced.

These are the latest web technologies, used by every website in the world. And we even added some jQuery to the mix.

This course ranked number 30 in our special The Best Courses of All Time on Udemy.

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Category: Web and Mobile Development -- Developed by: Edureka

The course “Java, J2EE & SOA Certification Training” edureka! it is audited by professionals according to the current requirements and needs of the industry. This training covers comprehensive knowledge on basic and advanced aspects.

Core Java and J2EE concepts along with popular frameworks like Hibernate, Spring, and SOA. In this course, participants will gain extensive experience in concepts such as Java Array, Java OOP, Java Function, Java Loops, Java Collections, Java Thread, Java Servlet, and Web Services using real industry cases.


Category: Software development -- Developed by: Google

In this course, you will study the main functionality of Git so that you understand why its application in companies is strategic. We will examine, from the fundamental functions to the most complex. One of these functions will be branches and merging. We will point out how having a good understanding of a VCS like Git can practically “save your life” in emergency circumstances or when debugging.

Finally, we will explore how to use a VCS to work with others through remote repositories, such as those offered by GitHub.

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Category: Computer Science -- Developed by: University of Michigan

Learn to design and create websites. Build a responsive and accessible web wallet using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.

This specialization in Web Design available on the platform Coursera, is an in-depth study of great academic content that has already been taken by more than 250.000 students, and is made up of 5 courses, which address key Web Design topics such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and Responsive Design, which will give you a dedication time of 6 months approximately.

This specialization covers how to write syntactically correct HTML5 and CSS3, and how to create interactive web experiences with JavaScript. Mastering this range of technologies will enable you to develop high-quality websites that run smoothly on accessible mobile devices, tablets, and large-screen browsers. During the capstone, you will develop a professional-quality web portfolio that will demonstrate your growth as a web developer and your knowledge of accessible web design.

This will include your ability to design and implement a responsive site using tools to create a site that is accessible to a wide audience, including those with visual, hearing, physical and cognitive disabilities.


Category: Web and Mobile Development -- Developed by: Raspberry Pi - Teach Computing

Discover web development and learn how to create your own interactive websites using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. With the support of Google.

In this Raspberry Pi Foundation course, you'll first create a website using HTML, style it with CSS, and then make it interactive using JavaScript.

Along the way, you'll learn about the box model, which describes how browsers layout websites, and the document object model, which your JavaScript code will interact with to dynamically change your web pages.

In the final week, you will design and create a test web page and demonstrate your new skills by creating your own website.

Category: Web and Mobile Development -- Developed by: LinkedIn Learning

Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the foundation of website and web application development.

It allows you to ensure that your content is understood by both segments of your audience: the people who watch, read or listen to your content, and the computers that display it. In this course, learn how to create great HTML with the pieces that HTML itself has to offer.

Instructor Jen Simmons highlights all the fundamental concepts you need to use HTML carefully.

Aulapro Logo

Category: Computer Science -- Powered by: LinkedIn Learning

Today's web designer balances clear and concise design skills along with a strong fundamental background in web technology. Our tutorials cover the skills you need to design rich, engaging websites and apps that look beautiful on both desktop and mobile devices.

Learn the fundamentals of web design based on HTML and CSS.

Practice using modern, industry-standard tools to design websites and apps.

Create layouts that adapt to a wide variety of devices and screen sizes.

This robust LinkedIn Learning Path is comprised of 11 courses with a video content length of 27 hours. The courses that compose it, have very practical topics, necessary for the day to day of the web designer whether he works in an agency or within a company. The Web Design courses that make up this program are:

  1. Introduction to Web Design and Development
  2. Design aesthetics for the web
  3. User Experience for Web Design
  4. Mapping the Modern Web Design Process
  5. HTML: Essential Training
  6. CSS: Essential Training
  7. Illustrator for Web Design
  8. Photoshop for Web Design
  9. Learning Responsive Web Design in the Browser
  10. Responsive Images
  11. Responsive Typography Techniques

Category: Web and Mobile Development -- Developed by: Udemy

Learn how to use SQL quickly and efficiently with this course! You will learn to read and write complex queries against a database using one of the most in-demand skills: PostgreSQL.

These skills are also applicable to any other major SQL database such as MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Amazon Redshift, Oracle, and much more.

Learning SQL is one of the fastest ways to improve your career prospects as it is one of the most in-demand technology skills. In this course you will learn quickly and be challenged and tested along the way to improve your understanding.

This course ranked number 15 in our special The Best Courses of All Time on Udemy.

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Category: Software development -- Developed by: Edureka

The course Docker Certification Training by edureka! It will help you master the key concepts of Docker and how data can be grouped into one or more containers, the architecture of Docker, containerization, and various operations performed on it. You will also understand about the Docker Hub and the options for creating a Docker image.

In this course, you will learn about other features of Docker to facilitate application deployment, permanent integration, service discovery, and orchestration. Finally, Learn how to deploy various container-based applications in the cloud.


Category: Web and Mobile Development -- Developed by: Udemy

this the course “Python and Django Full Stack Web Developer Bootcamp!” This course covers everything required to build a website using Python, Django, and other web technologies.

Whether you want to change your career path or expand your current skill set. But also to start your own entrepreneurial business, become a consultant or just want to learn, you should take a look at this course.

You will learn the latest technologies to create great web applications with Python 3 and Django. But not only will you learn that, you'll also understand the Front End technologies you need to know, including HTML, CSS, and Javascript.


Category: Software development -- Developed by: Johns Hopkins University

Do you realize that the only functionality of a web application that the user interacts with directly is through the web page? Implement it wrong and for the user the server side becomes irrelevant!

Today's user expects a lot from the web page: it has to load fast, deliver the desired service and be comfortable to view on all devices: from desktops to tablets and mobile phones.

In this course we will learn the basic tools that every web page programmer needs to know.

You'll start from scratch by learning how to implement modern web pages with HTML and CSS. You will then learn how to code our pages so that their components automatically rearrange and resize based on the user's screen size.

You will be able to code a web page that will be just as useful on a mobile phone as it is on a desktop computer. No pinch and zoom required!

Last but not least, we'll get a comprehensive introduction to the most ubiquitous, popular, and incredibly powerful language on the web: Javascript. With Javascript, you will be able to create a fully functional web application that uses Ajax to expose server-side functionality and data to the end user.

This course, which has already been taken by more than 750.000 students, managed to qualify for our special Coursera's 100 Best Courses of All Time.


Category: Web and Mobile Development -- Developed by: Johns Hopkins University

This Specialized Program covers the fundamentals of web development with Ruby on Rails. You'll learn everything you need to develop your own web application using Ruby on Rails, SQL and NoSQL databases, and HTML/CSS and Javascript. We will also touch on advanced topics such as security, services that use HTTP/RESTful access patterns, and access and user experience from multiple device platforms. In your capstone capstone project, you'll apply your skills to develop a web application that hosts uploaded photos and displays them using a map.

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