Tag: Social Media

Mar 20
How to prevent our children from falling into games like "Blue Whale"?

We have recently witnessed cases of suicide due to a strange game on social networks called "Blue Whale", which leads teenagers to harm themselves, even to suicide. A good start to avoid a tragedy is to shield our children from falling into these vicious circles and deadly consequences, it is in seeking the stimulation of high self-esteem, from home and transcending in their school years.

Jan 08

One of the most worrying aspects of social networks, from the perspective of parents, is the vulnerability to which their children are exposed due to what is essential to the game: showing their lives to the world.

Aug 21
What is Grooming and how can parents protect their children from this crime?

Grooming, as this criminal practice has been called, consists of an adult posing as someone, usually a minor, creating false profiles on social networks to contact children and adolescents for purposes, of course criminal and of a sexual nature. .

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