AulaPro offers reliable information about educational institutions by consulting various official information resources, which are monitoring education from different relevant factors.

Ministry of National Education

The main source of information is the Ministry of National Education and its different information systems such as the SNIES o National Information System for Higher Education, the MEN system that is responsible for collecting and organizing the information obtained and compiled directly by the source, that is, the Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). The spadies o System for the Prevention of Dropping Out of Higher Education and the OLE or the Labor Observatory of Education, specialized in the analysis of relevance in higher education, based on the follow-up of the country's graduates and their employability in the Colombian labor market.
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International rankings

AulaPro explores the most relevant international university rankings where Colombian universities are present. These rankings evaluate universities on different factors that ratify their academic quality, such as research, employability, relevance, web presence, innovation, among others.
AulaPro highlights the position of each university in these rankings, with respect to its national peers. Some of the rankings in which Colombian HEIs have a presence and which are highlighted in AulaPro are: U-SAPIENS RESEARCHWEBOMETRICSQUACQUARELLI SYMONDS LATAM (QS)TIMES HIGHER EDUCATIONUNIRANK


In relation to virtual education and the MOOCs offered in AulaPro, our portal presents a selection of the educational offer offered by different world-renowned platforms such as Coursera o Udemy, and for reliable sources of analysis on the supply of MOOCs and relevant news related to this growing sector, different information channels are addressed, such as ClassCentral, eLearning Industry, among others.
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