What is Grooming and how can parents protect their children from this crime?

Grooming, as this criminal practice has been called, consists of an adult posing as someone, usually a minor, creating false profiles on social networks to contact children and adolescents for purposes, of course criminal and of a sexual nature. .

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All the  social media by allowing interaction in the anonymity of people in a Interactive, are a perfect means for these criminals to act autonomously or as part of a criminal network of child pornography or child sex trafficking. This is why this practice should be Priority knowledge of parents in order to have the possibility of undertaking actions that allow them to carry out preventive monitoring to prevent their children from being victims of this vile crime. A few weeks ago, a video of a Chilean campaign, prevention against Groming. The video, however, was published months ago, as part of an initiative by the PDI (Chilean Investigative Police), En of Official facebook page. The video shows a clear example of how these criminals operate, patiently, waiting for the right moment to strike, which can be postponed for weeks or months, in which they gain the trust of children or adolescents. During that time, however, he may have already begun to carry out abuses from his secrecy or anonymity, asking their victim to take pictures or videos of sexual connotation, which will possibly be later distributed in child pornography portals, to finally go from a sexual cybercrime to the realization of one of the worst crimes that can be committed against children and anyone as is sexual abuse and human trafficking.


En Colombia or  government programs focused on promoting concrete actions of prevention and provide clear information for minors and their parents that enable them to identify risks and take action.

On the one hand, there is the IN TIC I TRUST program that you are looking for:

Promote confidence and security in the use of ICTs in Colombia. We are convinced that ICTs are not bad PER SE, bad is the use we make of them. - enticconfio.gov.co

And on the other side is TE PROTEJO whose main function is:

promote the healthy, safe and constructive use of information and communication technologies (ICT) in children and adolescents. - www.teprotejo.org Both initiatives seek to wage a frontal war against the different cyber crimes to which they may be exposed children in Colombia. But these important initiatives not only coincide in their mission but also in the premise of not considering the Internet, social networks and the different technological resources as the big bad wolf, as the problem, but rather they consider that the problem lies in those who misuse it. ICT (Information and Communication Technologies), either by action (generally the cybercriminal), omission (generally parents) or ignorance (generally children and adolescents). It would not be unusual for children to have a better understanding of the functionalities, potential and scope of each of the technological resources such as Internet, social networks, apps, and devices such as smartphones, iPads and tablets, so for parents the responsibility becomes more difficult since keeping pace with the technological world may even be incomprehensible at first. However according to ENTICTRUST or  5 key points that parents can focus on, that can help them Create a safe environment for your children. Let's start by considering that the most popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter They have age restrictions for those who want to register, but for a 10-year-old that may not be an impediment and thus end up lying about their age to create their own account. This, in the first instance, must be strictly prohibited by the parent, since a boy or girl of that age is not yet aware of the intrinsic risk of publishing information in these public domain spaces.


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