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One of the main social networks in the world, LinkedIn, for several years acquired the e-Learning platform, which was known for many years as . Later, in a multi-million dollar transaction, Microsoft acquired LinkedIn, and thus its e-Learning project, Lynda. Then in recent years, the e-Learning platform is consolidated as the current LinkedIn Learning. In a process of more than 20 years, this platform has gradually established itself as one of the most relevant for training in soft skills, with a powerful repertoire, from which AulaPro will begin to select its best studies, within a database of more than 16.000 courses.


When we talk about online education platforms, and particularly about pioneering platforms in the MOOC revolution, we usually tell the story of Coursera, edX, Future Learn, among a handful of virtual education projects, backed by prestigious educational institutions.

These platforms started a revolution that for some split education in 2, and today they continue to be one of the pillars of what the world is waiting for is the direction that training will take in the coming years. But there is a reality that is not always taken into account and that is that, in fact, these platforms that, in this year, 2021, reached their first 10 years of creation, actually arrived, or appeared in the panorama of online education, in the middle of the road.

Many things happened and were happening before MOOCs emerged, and so to be fair, when we talk about pioneers of e-Learning, we would have to mention a project of the magnitude, relevance, and even the resistance of Lynda.

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The project was born as a story similar to the one that started the Khan Academy. A teacher, Lynda Weinman, launches a website named after her, in which she talks about something she is passionate about, books, and as an additional resource for students who watch her classes.

Later it is her husband, Bruce Heavin, who turns a site, with basic textual resources, into something better, imprinting his knowledge as an animation and special effects teacher, developing something more interactive and visually attractive. We are talking about a time before the Internet bubble burst. It is the year 1995.

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In 2002, they move from documentation and multimedia resources to developing structured online courses, and by 2004 has 100 of them. But only, almost 10 years later, they achieve their first investment capital raising, raising between 2013 and 2015, about 300 million dollars. Surely there were many challenges for the couple, to sustain their education project for more than 10 years, before receiving resources to scale. Endurance. That's when LinkedIn comes in and the rest is history.


Today, the most important network of professionals in the world has developed a symbiotic relationship with its online education service, allowing users of its social platform to access training in a seamless manner and becoming a great complement for its users.

The approach consists of developing courses on the skills that professionals are currently requiring, and they do so using their main input: their own network of professionals.

The courses, which already number more than 16.000, are mostly developed by professionals from all over the world (more than 60 countries), who seek to pass on their knowledge and experience to thousands of other professionals who seek that knowledge, and who many Sometimes they will be very specific. LinkedIn works with the most prominent influencers of its social network, who are normally successful businessmen, experts, and entrepreneurs, with whom the platform collaborates, to develop academic content of the highest quality, allowing the learning experience to be of a level outstanding.


Thus, the offer of virtual courses on LinkedIn Learning includes not only studies on the most recurrent topics of the moment, such as data science, programming or digital marketing, going through Excel at different levels, but also addresses, variety of training, which is not very common on other platforms, where it will be easy to find courses with the most specific topics, such as “Stress management for positive change","Body language for leaders","Project Management Basics","Coaching skills for leaders and managers”, among hundreds of punctual but interesting topics, so that a professional can train and acquire the skills that companies demand today, in an asynchronous education model in which the student defines the moment and intensity of their studies.

On the other hand, the technology developed by social networks such as LinkedIn, and others, such as Machine Learning, is implemented to present users with study suggestions that can complement their current professional experience and academic training. This makes the education offered by LinkedIn very personalized. This is complemented by packages of courses, called learning paths, selected by LinkedIn, to offer more in-depth studies in high-demand topics.


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