National Government and Coursera: 50.000 beneficiaries of free courses

The National Government, through the ICT Ministry, opens a call for 50.000 people to access more than 3.800 courses on the Coursera platform.


As part of the actions to provide training in digital skills of the National Government, through the ICT Ministry, it has established an important alliance with the virtual platform Coursera, to offer free courses with the possibility of certification, to 50.000 Colombians.

As we had previously reported, the prominence that e-Learning platforms have had, in the midst of the pandemic, has been well used by them, to develop strategies that allow them to publicize the advantages of online training, through their Technological infrastructure.

Platforms like Coursera have received a boost and new interest in recent months, bringing in millions of new students.

Part of the strategy is based on being useful to those who need it. And in that sense Coursera has made radical decisions to achieve it. One of these strategies is focused on being a support for governments in the recovery of employment, through its “Work Force Recovery Initiative”.

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This is how the National Government, in alliance with the virtual education platform Coursera, through the Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies, the Ministry of Labor, the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism and its affiliated entity, iNNpulsa Colombia , open a call to benefit 50.000 Colombians in a situation of unemployment caused by the coronavirus.

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At @coursera, we are inspired by the President's vision of the 4th industrial revolution... Colombia became the 1st country in the world to partner with us.

"At Coursera, we are inspired by the President's vision of the 4th industrial revolution... Colombia became the first country in the world to partner with us," said Jeff Maggioncalda, CEO of the virtual platform that offers studies at the most prestigious universities in the world. . According to Maggioncalda, the initiative of the National Government has already been replicated by more than 1 countries worldwide.

Step by step to be one of the 50.000 beneficiaries of free courses on coursera

Coursera has a catalog of courses developed by the most important universities worldwide, which in total add up to 3.800 short courses and 400 specialized programs. Accessing these courses for free is a great benefit since the quality of their academic content is supported by high-profile teachers who are usually directors of face-to-face programs, deans, and in general with extensive experience in various topics such as business, entrepreneurship. , technology and data science skills, but also non-tech and business related topics. such as health, psychology, art, social sciences, etc. At the end of each course, citizens will be able to receive a certificate, as proof of their approval.


The requirements to benefit from this call are the following:

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  • Be a Colombian citizen and over 18 years of age.
  • Being currently unemployed.
  • Have availability of time and the tools to develop virtual courses through the Coursera platform.
  • Have email to carry out communication and notification processes.


The call will be open until September 30 or until the quotas are exhausted. so you're still on time!

Before registering, we invite you to share this information on your social networks, so that more people can benefit.

If you have been a previous Coursera user, tell us about your experience.

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