On Day E, President Santos presents the results of ISCE 2017

In the company of the Minister of Education, Yaneth Giha, President Juan Manuel Santos presented the results of the Synthetic Index of Educational Quality, for the year 2017, within the framework of E-Day, as the annual day of accountability has been called on progress in terms of improving educational quality at the primary, secondary and secondary education levels.
Image: Twitter Ministry of Education. E-Day 2017


Bogotá and Barranquilla highlight their schools among the best in the country

In the conference presented at the Casa de Nariño, the results at the national level were presented and the best schools in both the official and private sectors were highlighted. Bogotá and Braanquilla highlighted an important group of their schools among the best according to their ISCE results.

The president highlighted that in the case of primary school, the goal set in terms of the Minimum Annual Improvement was exceeded, since the MMA established as a goal was established at 5.42 and this was exceeded reaching 5.65. 

Minister Giha commented on the result achieved for the level of secondary education which in 2016 was at 5.27 and for the year 2017 it was established at 5.61, also exceeding the established goal of MMA

The result for the average, which had reached 5.89 last year, remains for this year at 6.01

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Minimum Annual Improvement (MMA): The aim of Synthetic Index of Educational Quality or ISCEIt is that this indicator improves over time, that is to say that each year, the school has a positive progress, a goal to meet. But the goal for each school must be individual and based on its specific results and background, so for each school a MMA or Minimum Annual Improvement

Boyacá with the best ISCE cities in 2017

Boyacá with the best ISCE cities in 2017

Also noteworthy was the case of cities such as Duitama, Sogamoso and Tunja, which ranked first, second and third respectively as the cities with the best ISCE averages in the country.

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Duitama as the first city obtained the following values:

  1. Primary: 6.02
  2. Secondary: 7.05
  3. Average: 7.55

The conference not only focused on the presentation of results in the Casa de Nariño, but activities were also carried out in all the schools in the country, in conjunction with the Secretaries of Education and as the final objective of signing the Agreement for Excellence.

How is the ISCE obtained for schools?

The Synthetic Index of Educational Quality or ISCE is the methodology by which the advances in educational quality are determined by both public and private schools at the national level. The measurement is based on a scale of 1.0 and 10.0 for each educational level (primary, secondary and middle) which is the result of the sum of the evaluation criteria, such as progress, performance, efficiency and environment. school. 

For this meets four criteria: progress has a weight of 40 percent in the total of the evaluation and measures how much the institution improved from one year to another with special interest in the students of the lowest performance level; performance (40 percent), and is based on where the institution is today based on Saber test results; efficiency (10 percent) and measures the rate of school approval; and, school environment, with a weight of 10 percent and is based on a scale of environment in the classroom and monitoring of learning.  

The best Public and Private schools of 2017

On the day, 60 schools distributed in each educational level and their sector were highlighted to determine the best schools in the country. 

The list highlights the presence of a significant number of schools in the city of Bogotá, such as the Liceo Campo David school, which came from having the number 1 position in secondary education level and for 2017 it is located in the third, the Schools Los Nogales, which is in second place at the same level, and a new first place, which is occupied by the Diana Oese Bilingual School in the city of Cali.

The city of Cali also managed to place schools at the primary and secondary levels, as well as the city of Barranquilla with the new Colegio del Prado located in 5th place in the level of secondary education.

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