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Coursera, the E-learning platform developed by Stanford University and with more than 20 million registered users, has an offer of virtual courses of different levels, developed by the best universities in the world.


Coursera offers free access virtual courses, created by the most important universities in the world. In 2011, Stanford University revolutionized world education by implementing its platform of free courses called MOOC's (Massive Online Open Course), initially counting on the collaboration in the development of content or courses, from 3 universities: University of Michigan, Princeton, and the University of Pennsylvania. One year after its launch, Coursera already had 2 million registered users and the collaboration of 16 universities. To date, Cousera offers online courses from more than 140 top-level universities and training organizations around the world, of which 11 are located in 5 Latin American countries: 1 from Argentina, 5 from Brazil, 2 from Chile, 2 from Mexico and from Colombia the University of Los Andes. The objective of the MOOCs is to offer training on specific knowledge that improves professional skills or personal growth, through virtual courses lasting no more than 6 weeks. However, Coursera has also innovated by presenting the "Specialized Programs", made up of groups of 3 to 6 "packaged" courses to offer a much deeper knowledge of the subject matter. These block courses, it is important to say, do not constitute a specialization within the parameters of a postgraduate degree approved by the Ministry of Education, but certainly they can add value to the resume of the professional who takes them by being certified in them.


Both the courses and the specialized programs are free to access and generally offer the possibility of acquiring the official certification, presenting a final exam and paying for the issuance of said certification, which is delivered jointly by the Coursera platform and by the University that has created the course. The prices of the certificates are between $29 to $95 dollars for the individual courses and for the specialized programs their values ​​are between $275 and $595 dollars. Users registered on the platform can access MOOCs from any of these universities, simply by connecting from home, on their computer and also from their mobile devices, since Coursera has apps in the AppStore for iPhone and Google Play for Android phones. will offer curated information on the courses most valued by the Coursera community and will focus more on the courses that are available in Spanish. By visiting Coursera's course offer in AulaPro, those interested will be able to obtain information on courses, their authors and the universities or organizations that develop them, confident that said program will be able to meet their expectations, since AulaPro will only publish courses that obtain a high evaluation of their previous students.


Cousera currently has more than 1600 active courses on its platform in various areas, such as: 
  • ​Arts and Humanities
  • Business
  • computer's science
  • Data science
  • Biological Sciences
  • Mathematics and Logic
  • Personal Development
  • Physical Sciences and Engineering
  • social Sciences
  • Languages 
Coursera students will have the opportunity to attend a virtual class to learn about a topic of interest to them. The flexibility of schedules offered by online training makes it very easy to make the decision to acquire new knowledge and improve your professional profile. MOOCs have become the educational revolution of the 15st century and with less than a decade of their first attempts, for great thinkers, researchers and discoverers of trends, there is no doubt that education will have a great transformation in the next XNUMX years, based on technology as the axis of learning methodologies and systems, with an increasingly less standardized and more personalized education, responding to the specific needs of each student, which will undoubtedly raise the levels of efficiency and quality in academic programs.
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