Educational Alternation: Ministry of Education works in a face-to-face-virtual model

Mineducation in Colombia proposes educational alternation, as the appropriate way to be able to continue the educational process of children and young people, implementing protocols to face Covid-19.
educational alternation

During the Prevention and Action program led by President Iván Duque every day, the measures prepared by the Ministry of Education for the gradual return to face-to-face classes were presented, safely in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis, by part of the educational institutions, under the model "Educational Alternation".

The Minister of National Education, María Victoria Angulo González, announced that during the months of June and July, young people will remain at home with their virtual learning activities, but that time will be of rigorous preparation to implement from the month of August, a model in which attendance will be mixed with virtuality, which they have called Educational Alternation.

The preparation to carry out this new model covers several fronts such as the coordination so that schedules or shifts are established so that the groups are divided into the courses and they attend the classroom at different times, to avoid crowds in the educational institutions. It also involves coordinating travel times, preparing officials and teachers on the required protocols, to handle potential cases of covid-19 that may occur in educational centers. The measures are aimed at having total control, including rest times, in order to avoid the possibility of contagion as much as possible.


This work of establishing the necessary protocols to protect both students and teaching and administrative staff has been developed hand in hand with the institutions that have been the first to understand the need to establish rigorous measures that allow them to teach the classes that in different cases, they necessarily require attendance, as it is in the use of laboratories. Dr. José Obdulio Velásquez, Rector of the University of La Sabana, highlighted the need to allow the use of laboratories since they have robust technology that can only be used directly in the laboratories, which requires the accompaniment of the teacher. .

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Attendance for real-time analysis and feedback in decision-making are essential, as they require access to robust technology only available in our laboratories.

Other rectors, such as Dr. Jorge Humberto Peláez of the Javeriana University, and Edgar Varela, Rector of the Universidad del Valle, expressed their approval for the beginning of this process of gradual opening, especially for the development of laboratory practices and that In this way, the affectation of the students' training is avoided.

Higher Education Institutions will begin this stage of preparation and evaluation of protocols for the progressive return of face-to-face practical laboratories, in the coming weeks. This management will be maintained during the months of June and July 2020, to start the alternation model from August.

Management of protocols and educational alternation for schools

For both public and private schools, learning processes at home will be maintained without alterations until July 31, hand in hand with the recommendations of the Ministry of Health.

Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health coordinate in this process for the issuance of guidelines, protocols and guidelines so that, together with the Certified Secretaries of Education, the enlistment of conditions that allow the return to schools of boys, girls, adolescents, teachers and teaching directors from August, complying with all the protocols and measures defined in accordance with the evolution of sanitary conditions throughout the country.



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