5 professions or occupations that will disappear in 20 years

Remember when futuristic movies showed a future full of robots? Well, that future is not that far away. The robots are coming, and they will take our jobs.

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The technological revolution we are in is not stopping any time soon, and automation is an important part of its growth. We have witnessed this change before, and that was the Industrial Revolution.

The solution was to create a more educated workforce to handle more complex issues, and again our solution to this problem lies in education. When choosing a college degree, it is important to be aware of the changing world and its changing demands. And so, business insider looks at 5 college degrees or titles that are sure to be totally obsolete with the advent of technology.


Basically, if we already have accounting apps and online software that carry out different accounting jobs, how long do you think it will be before you need an accountant? Certainly not much. More and more companies are starting to manage their accounting processes via these applications. In fact, more and more services are available from the Internet for tax procedures. If you are good with numbers, a good alternative for this study is finance, where you can have much more dynamism and validity in your career.

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Do you know the kiosks where you check in at the airport? That is the projected future for hotels. You could only remember this phrase: “Hotel? Trivago” to realize that most of that industry can be easily replaced by technology. The need for hotel desk agents, travel agents, and more is truly diminishing.

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Most of the duties of a court examiner can be easily done by a computer these days. Filing and research can be done easily online, and does not require a human touch. In fact, the law itself can be replaced by technology, so a substantiator is the first obvious cut for the industry and possibly in the very long term, lawyers could also be replaced by robots that can make decisions fully protected under legal regulations. strictly analytical and rigorously applied.


Information dissemination is a constantly changing field. Television is no longer the primary source of news, and a broadcast communications bachelor's degree focuses on outdated technology. Communication efforts are changing daily, from Snapchat to Facebook – we get our news very differently these days and that trend will basically continue to evolve.


Your medical formula can be validated and dispatched by a robot. That is a simple idea to understand. More and more pharmacies are considering this idea that can be complemented with the drone technology that Amazon already develops, it seems that there is no real need for a pharmacist in this world anymore. Go big and become a doctor instead of a pharmacist, as this job will potentially be very replaceable.



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