Future Learn arrives at AulaPro, with its offer of top universities in Europe

It is integrated into the catalog of the best online course platforms in the world offered by AulaPro, with its courses, Microcredentials and postgraduate level programs from prestigious universities and institutions in the United Kingdom and Europe, among other parts of the world.


The AulaPro online study marketplace is now completed by the online academic offer of the Future Learn Platform; one of the pioneering platforms of the MOOCs revolution. It is integrated into the offer of the best online courses available on the internet offered by the AulaPro directory of MOOCs and online studies, together with the most popular and relevant platforms in the world such as Coursera, edX, Udemy and edureka!

Future learn, is one of the MOOC platforms that entered the boom of this new model of online education almost a decade ago. From the Kingdom, at the end of 2012, the project is launched with the alliance between The Open University one of the world's pioneering institutions in distance education, with more than 50 years of experience, and The Seek Group, a business group of Australian origin, with more than two decades developing initiatives that connect job seekers and their job opportunities.

Top universities in Europe in Future Learn

At Future Learn, the most prestigious universities in the United Kingdom, Europe and other parts of the world offer online courses. In addition to The Open University, one of the largest public universities not only in the United Kingdom, but in Europe, with more than 170.000 students in undergraduate and postgraduate programs, universities such as The University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge also develop online courses. , The University of Manchester, or the University of Coventry, among many others, even from other latitudes, such as the University of Michigan, in the USA, the University of Melbourne in Australia, or the University of Palermo, in Argentina. There are more than 100 top-tier universities, offering hundreds of courses on various topics, for a global audience of more than 10 million students.

But also Organizations with experience in a specific area and that have education as part of their mission offer their courses in Future Learn. This is the case of Accenture, Amnesty International, The British Council, Institute of Coding, UNESCO, among many others.

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Future Learn offers short courses which are mostly free, for a period that is usually between 4 to 6 weeks, with the possibility of obtaining a certificate that certifies approval, which can be accessed by paying a minimum amount that it can be between USD $44 to USD $70 approximately. Future Learn also offers the possibility of paying a fixed annual amount, to access hundreds of short courses and during the course of those 12 months to approve and receive certifications of all the courses that the student wants to take.


But Future Learn doesn't just offer short courses. Part of the evolution of MOOC platforms was to move from training on specific topics to offering more in-depth and specialized training. This is how, in the case of Future Learn, the Microcredentials and programs that allow you to study in a specialized field, with the possibility of being accredited by the prestigious universities that are part of the platform. Each micro-credential includes a formal online assessment and meets the standards set by the Common Microcredential Framework (CMF).

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Finally, through the Future Learn platform, universities also offer online programs of undergraduate and graduate, thus covering a wide range of academic training options, ranging from short courses, through microcredentials, programs to complete undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

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For purposes of seeking future recognition of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, it is important that those interested carry out the corresponding preliminary inquiries, before the ministry or secretary of education of their country. In the case of Colombia, contact the Ministry of Education. Likewise, for study credit options in the case of Colombia, you can consult ICETEX about the credit possibilities for this type of study.

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